Bondi beach will disappear by end of the century


Global warming is not going to end at the boundaries of the state or even the nation, and maybe the responsibility shouldn’t stop there either, says The Sydney Morning Herald (23/10/2006, p.15).

Predictions becoming alarming: Meanwhile the predictions on the impact – and cost – of global warming in Australia are becoming more alarming. We’ll be faced with more droughts and more bushfires.

Snowfields will decrease: The CSIRO predicts that the NSW snowfields may decrease by between 18 and 66 per cent by 2030, which would dramatically limit the opportunities for tourism.

Oceans will rise: Sydney and other places will struggle with their water supplies, while Sydney University scientists suggest that in Sydney the ocean could advance by as much as 150 metres by 2100.

Bondi beach will disappear: Under that scenario the beach at Bondi would disappear and the Collaroy-Narrabeen beach could retreat by 22 metres.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 23/10/2006, p.15

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