Environmentally-friendly tradespeople see a niche


Most people are completely unaware that the overwhelming majority of paints used to paint their homes, workplaces hospitals and schools are extremely toxic, painter Steve Williams told The Courier Mail (27 May 2006, p.84).

Non-toxic paints are available: “The vast majority of well-known paint brands contain high levels of solvents that contain volatile organic compounds and can give off toxic fumes for up to five years,” he said. This is why in February Mr Williams and business partner Georgia Farrell set up The Natural Painting People, a tailored painting and decorating service dedicated to using non-toxic paints to get quality finishes inside and outside of the home.

They’re better for your home, too: “Our paints are free from dangerous additives and we believe also perform better than conventional petrochemical paints,” he says. “One of the major advantages of natural paints is that they let surfaces breathe; this is a very handy thing living in the sub-tropics as it means the structures that have been painted can regulate moisture content.”

Sustainable trades network envisaged: The Natural Painting People have also begun a Sustainable Trade Network, and are looking to encourage waterwise plumbers, environmentally friendly floor polishers, electricians specialising in solar power and the like on board.

The Courier Mail, 27/5/2006, p. 84

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