Ergon Energy plans solar power for town in southwest Queensland


Plans to power whole town: Ergon Energy planned to build five
mirrored solar concentrator dishes capable of powering the town during
sunshine hours – something the company claimed was a first for
Australia. The technology is already in use in South Australia,
although it is not used to power an entire town.

100,000 litres of diesel saved: The company estimated the system
would save Ergon about 100,000 litres of diesel fuel. Windorah was
chosen for the trial because of its size and the fact it had a
relatively new power station with technology compatible with the solar

Tenders set for next year: Barcoo Shire Mayor Bruce Scott said
the groundbreaking trial met the council’s philosophy of trying to
promote alternative energy services. “There are a number of pluses from
the project,” he said. Ergon expected to call tenders for the project
next year and hoped to commission the project in 2007.

The Courier Mail, 7/12/2005, p. 11

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