facebook bans Journal Neo article critiquing Vatican

An article titled, The Dangerous alliance between the Rothschilds and the Vatican has been banned by facebook for not meeting community standards.

Lyn Forester de Rothschilds is a key player in the
Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican.

The article outlines a key alliance between the world’s richest people and the Vatican to create an “inclusive” capitalism that protects the poor and the planet in line with Pope Francis recent dictates.

It criticises the alliance on a number of levels, primarily for the manner in which global agendas have a habit of entrenching power elites in the name of doing good. It compare Pope Francis global agenda with the twelfth century Crusades and highlights connections between, Lyn Forester de Rothschilds, Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons.

While Neo Journal’s approach concentrates on these seedy connections and the shadowy reputation of some activities by these global philanthropists, The Generator has concentrated on specific problems – such as the concentration of resources in the Doomsday Project, the arbitrary harshness of Modi’s cashless India, and the underlying role of the very small number of people who actually direct the world’s financial systems.

Regular followers of The Generator know that we are rigorous about checking and providing sources and debunking conspiracy theories. That has occasionally put us at odds with facebook – https://thegenerator.news/china-shuts-the-door-on-facebook/ and https://thegenerator.news/soul-sex-facebook-saga-continues/ but has stood us in good stead when reporting controversial issues.

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