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Dr Rob Ruberry welcomes his son John into the business
Dr Rob Ruberry welcomes his son John into the business

Dr John Ruberry joined West End Medical Practice in late January this year. Studying medicine was a fairly late decision, he tells Westender.

Before that he had finished a degree in electrical engineering and spent some time in the air force, an experience that has been very valuable.

“But I found myself wanting a bit more human interaction and the satisfaction of helping people,” he said. A career in Medicine has always been on his mind, as his father is a doctor.

He looks forward to learn from his new, more experienced colleagues and especially working with his father, Dr Rob Ruberry.

Family owned and run businesses help give West End its close knit community character.

Caption: Dr Rob Ruberry welcomes his son John into the family business

3 thoughts on “Following Dad

  1. Another greedy Medical Practice that hates to bulk-bill

  2. Rob Ruberry

    3 February, 2014

    We do bulk bill veteran affairs,aged,disability & supporting parent pensioners as well as individual cases at the treating doctor’s discretion

  3. D.Teoh

    4 February, 2014

    Are we having a whinge here! Why does one begrudge paying for medical services that one likes? Does it sound right to assume that the medical service provided is excellent but would only want to pay medicare? Freedom of choice comes at a price, there are many bulk billing ones around, so move on.

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