Update about the North West Rail Link

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Update about the North West Rail Link

Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust mail@change.org
7:12 PM (59 minutes ago)

to me

The opposition to building the NWRL as a metro operations is gaining momentum. We have been busy handing out information to commuters outlining all of the negatives to commuters at railway stations between Epping and North Ryde. We have also done the same to the bus commuters who will be affected in Castle Hill and the city. The feedback from these commuters was very positive and many of them had no idea that the NWRL was now going to be an incompatible metro style service. Barry O’Farrell promised them a double-decker service to the city and not standing on a terminating metro service to Chatswood. Transport experts have warned the Minister for Transport and the Premier that their modelling has series flaws and it is not the service that the commuters want or need.
Jacob Saulwick the SMH Transport Editor did an excellent article in Jan 30 SMH on this subject. Please use this link to access it.

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