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Forced to marry as young as 11


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Write for Rights! Demand Burkina Faso end forced early marriage Write for Rights! Demand Burkina Faso end forced early marriage
“If you don’t go to join your husband,
I will kill you.”
This was the threat Maria* received from her father when she tried to resist marrying a 70 year old man at the tender age of 13.

In the African nation of Burkina Faso, thousands of girls like Maria are being forced into early marriage. Some as young as 11. They are expected to bear children, even if early pregnancy poses a threat to their health.

This practice is banned according to Burkina Faso’s laws, but the authorities turn a blind eye due to cultural pressure.

Some girls are lucky enough to escape by seeking refuge at shelters. Maria walked 170km over three days to reach safety. But many others aren’t so lucky.

You can help save these young girls.

Write to Burkina Faso’s government and demand they enforce the country’s laws to protect girls from forced marriage immediately.

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