Gas lobby attacks PM’s energy fashion show


Belinda Robinson, the chief executive of the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association said " First down the catwalk came the renewable energy sector – alluring and seductive. Then came hydrogen – very sexy – catching everyone’s imagination. Clean coal was next. Very retro – a modern twist on the comfortable and familiar quickly became the people’s choice"

PM’s energy fashion-show forgets: Robinson said the "Queensland Government has once again taken a lead in that area by creating a policy to move to gas. By switching to gas, you get a nearly-50 per cent reduction in greenhouse gases", reported in The Australian, (23/6/2006), p. 22.

PM has hat on backwards:: Robinson said "One of the objectives of the Government’s energy white paper is to increase the penetration of gas in electricity generation. The gas industry’s objective is to have 70 per cent of Australia’s electricity generation sourced by gas by 2015. Meeting these objectives and delivering the associated greenhouse benefits can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of some of the other, longer-term energy choices, while delivering an environmental return in a much shorter timeframe and with a lot less fuss" she said.

The Australian, 23/6/2006, p. 22

Source: Erisk Net

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