Global warming may be behind cold winter nights


Despite the fact last summer was the hottest on record, many parts of Australia reported record or near-record cold nights, reported The Sydney Morning Herald (4/7/2006, p.3).

Average min temp 1.69C lower: The average minimum temperature was 1.69 degrees below the long-term average, making it the second-coldest June since 1950.

Global warming, myth?: The spate of cold temperatures was likely to raise scepticism about global warming. But Grant Beard of the Bureau of Meteorology’s National Climate Centre said global warming could in fact be driving down overnight winter temperatures.

Not so: The cold spell, he explained, was being fuelled by the high-pressure systems that increasingly dominate southern areas of the country during autumn and early winter. "High-pressure systems are associated with clear nights, low humidity and light winds. These are perfect ingredients for low overnight temperatures," Beard said.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 4/7/2006, p. 3

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