Global warming will dry Melbourne’s dams


No water by 2020 without planned targets: Mr Thwaites warned that Melbourne would run out of water by 2020 unless the proposed action was taken. The plan covers Melbourne and central southern Victoria including Geelong, Ballarat and parts of Gippsland.

30pc saving target by 2020: In Melbourne, a water saving target of 15 per cent for each person by 2010 will be doubled to 30 per cent by 2020.

250bn litres shortfall by 2055: According to government projections, demand will outstrip supply in some urban areas by as early as 2013. "If we don’t take action, by 2055 we would have a shortfall of approximately 250 billion litres of water in the central region," Mr Thwaites said.

Pollution still plagues Yarra: Opposition environment spokesman David Davis said extra flows proposed for the Yarra failed to address the long-standing problem of pollution. As recently as last week, eight of 12 measurement sites along the river were recording bacteria levels over the acceptable limit, he said.

The Canberra Times, 21/4/2006, p. 11

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