Google Again Censors 9/11 Film Statistics


A brief appraisal of the viewership figures for the multiple different versions of Terror Storm again shows that Google have deliberately reset the viewership stats to prevent the film getting a foothold in the Popular, Featured, or Movers and Shakers categories. It is only when a film enters these prominent categories that it really begins to spread like wildfire and enter a cycle of exponential multiplication.

Figures that were heading towards 500,000 views for different uploads of the film are now back in the low hundreds and tens of thousands. The number of viewer submitted comments remains the same but the viewership numbers have clearly been unfairly doctored.

Loose Change appears in the featured video section of Google Video on almost every visit to the website because of its immeasurable viral impact and we are delighted for Dylan Avery and the rest of his crew that such a dynamic film is reaching tens of millions of people.

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Its viewership figures have not been reset and continue to multiply, along with other popular truth movement films such as 9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions. Google’s alleged "mistake" only seems to apply to Terror Storm and no other video.

From past behavior and clear evidence of statistical manipulation, it is reasonable to conclude that an executive level decision has been made to artificially trim the numbers for Terror Storm and prevent it from becoming an underground blockbuster.

Such a policy would not come as a surprise as we have consistently run into censorship issues with Google.

During our Charlie Sheen coverage, Google intentionally blocked news stories pertaining to Sheen’s comments which were first made on the Alex Jones Show and turned into a nationwide media spectacle.

Even after the story had gone supernova, and our original write-up had been linked all over the web, including the Drudge Report, Google’s main search engine did not list the article.

After we blew the whistle on this act of censorship, the story was re-listed and Google even began carrying some of our content in their news section – a practice that has now also ceased.

Google’s penchant for abandoning their founding principle of "don’t be evil" and kissing up to Communist China for privileged access into the world’s biggest untapped Internet market, was exemplified in February this when Google completely erased the Space War website from its search engine. Space War is a large mainstream news website that carries articles about geopolitics and the defense industry from AFP.

Space War speculated that it was their reporting on advancements in China’s military technology and missile programs that provoked a censorship order from the totalitarian Chinese government which Google acted upon. Again, after a mass e mailing campaign which we fully supported, Google re-indexed the Space War website.

Please e mail Google and ask them why they keep trimming the viewership figures for Terror Storm. Demand an answer as to why they are unfairly blocking Terror Storm from reaching large numbers of people. We appreciate the great service that Google Video provides for free but what are they so afraid of that they would deliberately alter viewership totals and suppress the impact of this movie?

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