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GP Tax not dead


Bill Shorten via 

8:08 PM (14 minutes ago)

to me

Moments ago Tony Abbott said his GP Tax was dead.

But it isn’t the backdown we wanted – it’s just a GP Tax through the backdoor.

They are doing exactly the same thing they did with the Petrol Tax – sneaking it around the Parliament, to try to destroy Medicare and make healthcare unaffordable in this country.

Labor will protect Medicare. We built it and we won’t let Tony Abbott destroy it. We are going to protect ordinary Australian families from this Government’s dishonest attempts to stand between them and a trip to their doctor when they need medical attention.

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This move is just a desperate Prime Minister under pressure. You and I have been building pressure on Tony Abbott for months and now he’s doing anything to save his own skin. He isn’t protecting Medicare – he’s just trying to protect himself.

He may have changed his talking points, but he hasn’t changed his mind.

Together, we can defend our universal healthcare system.

Labor introduced Medibank under Gough Whitlam, and Fraser ditched it. We came back with Medicare in 1984 and no matter what Tony Abbott does we will not stop fighting for Medicare, and we will save it.

Thanks for standing with me on this,


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