Greenpeace crashes Centennial Coal’s meeting


Centennial Coal’s Chairman, Kenneth Moss, did not only have to allay shareholders’ concerns about the fact more than $310 million had been wiped from the coal producer’s market value in just over a week. He also had to face about six Greenpeace protesters breaking into what Centennial had been told was the “most secure room in Sydney” to tell him why they opposed plans for its Anvil Hill open-pit mine in the Upper Hunter.

After the protesters were forcibly removed by police without charge, Mr Moss admitted the events of the past year had been “extremely unsatisfactory”. Last week Centennial slashed its profit forecast for the full year and revealed it would close three mines by 2008, including the Newstan operation in the Newcastle coalfield, which managing director Bob Cameron said was a “millstone around our necks”.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 25/11/2006, p. 43

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