Greens call for warning on fruit and veg price shock

“Production of many important food stuffs will drop dramatically
causing suppliers to push up prices and increase reliance on expensive
imported foods.

“The Greens are calling on the state government to conduct an urgent
investigation of likely impacts on food prices and issue a warning
outlining which foods are at risk and likely impacts on household

“Retail prices of fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy products and some
grains and snacks will soar. At particular risk are table grapes,
apples, pears, stone fruit, lemons, mandarins, grapefruits, tomatoes,
lettuce and salad vegetables.

“NSW Fair Trading Minister Burney has a responsibility to protect
consumers in NSW. Warning households of impending price rises will help
them budget for the lean times that might be ahead.

“We are concerned that nutrition standards, particularly for the young
and the vulnerable, will fall dramatically unless households make
financial provisions to tide them through possible shortages.

“Global warming could bring more frequent and severe droughts. The
state government can help people learn how to adjust to fluctuations in
food prices.

“Few living Australians remember food shortages and rising prices. The
Minister has the opportunity to help the community prepare budgets and
make financial provisions for rising food prices,” Dr Kaye said.

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