In NSW there was a 2 percent swing to the Greens across the state, and our vote has increased in almost all NSW lower house seats.  Strong results include Grayndler, up almost 7 percent to 25.4 percent, and Sydney received 23.7 percent with a 2.7 percent swing.  In Wentworth, despite a 10.3 percent swing to Malcolm Turnbull the Greens vote increased to 17.8 percent.
In Western suburbs seats we experienced solid growth including an 8.6 percent swing in Werriwa.  The four northern Sydney seats of Warringah, Mackellar, North Sydney and Bradfield, along with Newcastle, Wollongong and Richmond are all sitting above 15 percent.   Most marginal and regional seats have held their ground, and the North Coast seats delivered a strong senate vote.  In the bell-weather seat of Eden-Monaro, in a tight race, we had a 1.3 percent swing to gain 9.2 percent.
I know it’s hard when you run a strong campaign and you don’t get the result you had hoped for.  Even if your vote is not as high as you expected please take satisfaction in the fact that all the votes you gained have helped to secure a NSW senate spot.  Lee reminded me how hard it is for some of our regional seats when she spoke about the tough crowd full of Nationals supporters she faced when debating Nationals Senator Fiona Nash in Gunnedah last week.
Whatever the result, we can all be proud that our combined efforts have created a huge buzz on the Greens campaign trail, and a real shift in understanding of the Greens’ policies.  Every campaign has excelled in promoting our message for action on climate change, refugee rights, equality and better public services both in their community and via the media and the internet.
It has been the biggest campaign the Greens have ever undertaken with thousands volunteering across the state.  We had campaign offices in many Sydney and regional seats, giving the Greens some great public exposure.  Our materials, our stalls, our media coverage and the record number of volunteers on polling booths has been a fantastic collective effort.
I would like to thank you for your participation in this campaign.  The issues we feel passionate about and our vision for a fairer, safer and more peaceful world have been conveyed to thousands of people.  Together we have laid a great foundation for the 2011 state election.

Lesa de Leau
NSW Campaign Co-ordinator

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