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Dear Neville,

Thank you again for your support for the Guardian’s Keep it in the ground campaign. I am writing to you with big news.

Today, the Guardian Media Group will begin the process of divesting its more than £800m investment portfolio from fossil fuels. It is the largest fund globally to make such a commitment.

You might think that when the Guardian started our climate change campaign I, as editor-in-chief, could just get on the phone to our investment managers and order this to happen. But it doesn’t work like that. Just as the Guardian’s editorial coverage is independent from commercial interference, the separation works in the other direction too. I made the divestment case to them and asked them to respond. You can hear some of the early discussions with the Scott Trust that owns the Guardian in this podcast – episode three of a series which is documenting the campaign. You can also read about the Board’s decision on the Guardian here and here.

The huge response from Guardian readers and supporters around the world played an important part in the GMG board’s decision to take this bold step. We are deeply appreciative of your ongoing support for the Guardian’s Keep it in the ground campaign, and this move on our part is in no small thanks to you.

What happens next? We hope that by making this move the Guardian can act as a beacon for other organisations who are thinking of doing likewise. And of course, we hope that it will add further encouragement to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust to take the step of moving their own endowments away from companies that are using shareholder cash to fund the hunt for yet more fossil fuels we cannot safely burn.

You can help us show that change is possible. By joining our campaign you are saying that this matters and you want your voice to be heard. Launched in partnership with, our petition asking the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust to move their money out of fossil fuels is nearing 150,000 signers. Please once again urge your friends, family and colleagues to sign the petition by posting it to Facebook and Twitter (using the hashtag #keepitintheground)

In the coming weeks and months we will work with to provide events, resources and support for those who would like to pursue divestment further. As a supporter of the Keep it in the ground campaign, you will receive that information directly and will be invited to events to learn more. Should you have any questions or requests, please send them to the Keep it in the ground team at

Yours Sincerely
Alan Rusbridger, Editor in chief of the Guardian

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