Guess what we did? Took back Queensland parliament!

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Guess what we did? Took back Queensland parliament!


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Dear Neville,

Yesterday, a handful of ordinary Queenslanders strode boldly in to the empty chamber of the Upper House of the Queensland Parliament and tabled a new Bill.

The Chamber hasn’t been used since 1922 when the Upper House was abolished, but yesterday we put it to good use, tabling the People’s Common Rights and Provisions Bill 2014 to take back our democracy and give Queenslanders a fair go against mining giants and their risky practices.

Here’s a sneak peek at this historic event:


The Bill arose because the Queensland Government is planning to make breath-taking changes to mining laws in Queensland that will sweep away the most basic protections for people and the environment and will leave ordinary Queenslanders as second-class citizens in their own state*.We decided that the current political system in Queensland is so deeply flawed, and the mining industry has so much access and undue influence on decisions, that it was time to go back to the people, and to restore our democracy directly. It’s time to do it for ourselves!

And that’s just what our Bill will do – clean up the dark underbelly of mining politics in Queensland and take back our basic rights, our common wealth in land and water, and even our parliament.

Will you back the Bill?

BackTheBillButton2.pngThe elements of the Bill are simple:

  • The right to say “no” to mining
  • The right to our health, livelihoods and the quiet enjoyment of our homes
  • The right to be represented in parliament
  • The right to our common heritage – the land, water and clean air
  • The right to object and have our objections heard
  • The right to clean politics

Will you be support us in this exciting new plan to restore fairness, democracy and the basic common rights of all Queenslanders up against the mining giants? The Bill is going to be properly debated, and then voted on, not by our failed politicians, but by the people of Queensland.

We’ll be going back to Parliament to debate the Bill on the 28th October, and then we’ll putting it to a community referendum on the same date as the Qld election.

But Queenslanders can’t do this on our own, so we need your support to ‘Back the Bill’ and spread the word online. Let’s get it out there, via email, Facebook and twitter. Share it widely and especially make sure all your friends and relatives in Queensland are on board!

Yours for a fairer Queensland,

Drew Hutton, President Lock the Gate Alliance
Kate Dennehy, Lock the Gate Queensland Coordinator,
Julie Devine, South East Queensland
Michael Kane, Clean Air Queensland
Vicki Perrin, Wide Bay Burnett
Ellie Smith, Central Queensland

PS. Please forward this email to your friends and family so they too can Back the Bill.

Lock the Gate Queensland

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