Daily update: The $500-a-day service charge designed to kill solar

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Daily update: The $500-a-day service charge designed to kill solar


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The $500-a-day service charge designed to kill solar; Undeveloped oil projects a $91bn gamble; ARENA funds 1MW solar expansion or remote solar/diesel plant; Greenpeace slams Big 3 “dirty” energy retailers; EnergyAustralia says carbon tax removal great for coal generators; Australian energy utilities attack on solar revealed; Italy imposes retroactive changes to feed-in tariff for solar PV; 3 reasons why non-hydro renewables surpass hydropower in US; and Perovskite solar cells beat new records in the lab.
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The Parkinson Report
Businesses in Queensland now face a $500-a-day “service” charge – essentially to read the meter. The new tariff appears designed to prevent uptake of rooftop solar, and energy efficiency. But will likely accelerate the “death spiral” and cause more to leave the grid.
Carbon Tracker Institute report finds top 20 biggest undeveloped oil exploration projects risk $91bn of investor capital on a high-risk, carbon-loaded bet.
ARENA says it has agreed to contribute $4.6 million towards an $11.9 million expansion of one of the largest remote solar farms in Queensland.
Greenpeace slams “dirty” Big 3 retailers for attacking renewables, and launches green electricity guide for consumers.
EnergyAustralia says carbon price removal is great for future of coal-fired generators, as it battles falling demand, rooftop solar and energy efficiency.
If customer service is a measure for utilities, the death spiral has not only begun, but we are surrounded by a growing pile of stinking corpses.
Italian parliament and senate in Rome have voted in favor of retroactive changes to the feed-in tariff scheme for solar power.
2014 is predicted to be first year that non-hydro renewable generation exceeds hydropower generation in US. This is a big change.
Researchers are taking on new frontiers in the field of Perovskite solar cells.

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