Help extend the Moratorium on GM crops


What’s `Genetically Engineered’ all about?  Here are the basics


Patented DNA is in the pollen.  When contaminated, Canadian & US farmers are liable to Monsanto.

Genetically engineered (GM) crops are not about feeding a starving world; they are about controlling our food supply with patents and chemicals.  We have never before been crossing one species with another like plants and animals and making the offspring fertile.  The real contamination in Australia with patented DNA has just begun.

Canada is almost completely contaminated with GM pollen.  Weeds are now resistant to Roundup and farmers must use stronger chemicals; sold by Monsanto.  See: National Farmers Union of Canada ‘Top ten’ at

When chemical companies own our crops because of the contamination by their patented DNA, they will design crops to grow only with their own chemicals.  Chemical companies must sell chemicals, and drug addicted plants are the perfect way to do it.  In the end, would a chemical company design plants that did not need their chemicals?

What You Can Do               GM foods are dangerous

Make your support for extending the moratorium known

Only buy GE free products

Find out as much as you can about the issues around GE crops :

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