Hep Cat wins poetry prize

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Bent Books
Bent Books sponsors a $50 poetry prize in Westender every month

Des Skordilis is this month’s winner of the Bent Books Poetry Prize. Congratulations Des, your $50 Book Voucher is waiting for you at Bent Books in West End.


A stray cat showed up

To my door one afternoon

She was so feeble

And scruffy and she

Had these big hazel eyes

That stared right into

The core of my soul

You could see her ribs

And she struggled to

Walk up three flights

Of stairs and I would

Just sit on the deck

With her at night and

She’d just watch me

Think too much about

The existential chaos

That perturbs my brain

Most of the time

And I felt less alone

With her there because

I could see her struggling

Her breathing was off

But so was mine and

I felt a bond with this cat

I could see myself in her

Later, I found out she

Lived down the road

But the owners went

On holidays for six weeks

And she was craving food

And affection because

Apparently the lady that

Was supposed to look

After her wasn’t feeding her

So I spent my last seven dollars

On cat food and wrapped her

In a towel because she

Was so frail I couldn’t

Even stand looking at her

I thought she was sick

Turns out she was just aged

She was twenty-one years old

The average lifespan of a cat

Is twelve to eighteen years

And I thought that was

Impressive and I found

Out her name was Scout

Her owners are back home now

So she doesn’t come around anymore

But at least I know she’s still kickin’ on

And I’ve never been a cat person

See more of Des’ poetry at: http://halfstrange.wordpress.com/



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