Hobart wants our hated monorail – so let them have it

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Hobart wants our hated monorail – so let them have it


An eyesore for far too long … the ugly, dreaded monorail. Source: The Daily Telegraph

SYDNEY may have just found an unlikely buyer for its widely despised monorail – Hobart.

Hobart’s deputy mayor Ron Christie has urged his council to snap up the monorail, claiming the NSW government’s plans to rip down the monstrosity would present an opportunity too good not to investigate.

The government announced last week it had bought Metro Transport Sydney, the company that owns the city’s monorail and light rail, for $19.8 million.

Mr Christie said while his monorail idea might sound “wacky”, it could provide and excellent link between North Hobart and the city.

“The monorail may be too small for Sydney for now, but it’s ideal for the pocket capital of Australia,” he said.


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