How sustainable is the coffee you drink?


How sustainable is the coffee you drink?

Do you know what you are drinking when you sip your coffee in the
mornings? If you are concerned about the environment and your health,
you may have already made the switch to certified organic coffee. You
may even be buying locally produced coffee, and there is plenty to
choose from that are competitively price to big name coffee brands. If
you don’t buy local coffee, is the brand you are buying certified `Fair
Trade’ so that the growers in developing countries are getting a profit
for their produce, instead of around 50c for the kilo?

If you have
ticked `yes’ to each point so far, you are purchasing wisely and
responsibly. But is your coffee `shade grown’? If you don’t know what
this means, go to this page on Grist and learn about the importance of `shade grown’ coffee. It makes fascinating reading.

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