Howard says water is biggest challenge


Freer trade needed: He argued that Australia should also continue to play a leadership role in efforts to break down global barriers to trade.

Sustainability a key goal: Mr Howard said a challenge was to ensure that the nation’s use of natural resources was placed on a sustainable basis for future gerations. "We live in a fragile continent, and we have a responsibility to use our natural assets and resources wisely."

Energy security an issue: Achieving prosperity, security and sustainability in energy was a big challenge requiring long-term investments and efficient energy markets, he added. Wise development of energy resources also meant protecting the environment and playing an active role in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Emissions a global problem: "The challenge of climate change must be addressed in a way consistent with economic growth and poverty reduction. And an effective global strategy must involve major emitters such as the US, China and India, which is why Australia is playing a leading role in the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate."

Water the greatest challenge: Mr Howard described the nation’s water use as its greatest conservation challenge. "The Government’s $2 billion Australian Water Fund is expanding water storage and supply infrastructure, and assisting all Australians to use water more efficiently. Projects worth more than $1 billion have already been announced, but more needs to be done to augment supply given forecast population growth and water demand," he said

The Sydney Morning Herald, 21/4/2006, p. 11

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