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Huge SUCCESS: Community Rights Restored in Qld!


Phil Laird via Lock the Gate Alliance <>

1:39 PM (3 minutes ago)

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Lock the Gate Alliance
Dear Neville,
Incredible news today.  This morning, the Qld Parliament passed a Bill to restore the rights of landholders and communities to object to major mining projects!

This is something that our movement has been fighting for since those rights were first stolen from us, at five minutes to midnight, by the Newman Government last year.

And it is just in the nick of time for landholders on the eastern Darling Downs. They will now be able to tell the Land Court about the impacts the Acland Stage 3 coal mine will have on their water resources, rich farming lands and community health.

This means the Qld Government has delivered on one of their most important pre-election promises. They deserve a big pat on the back for that.

So, please share the love by writing a short thank you message to the Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, and the Minister for Natural Resources for Mines, Anthony Lynham.

It will only take one minute – just a short personal message of thanks – and we’ll deliver all the messages to them with a big card, and a box of chocolates!

This is an extraordinary outcome, which means so much to landholders and communities across Qld.  And it is your actions that have delivered it.

Restoring objection rights has been one of the highest priorities for our movement over the last year.  We tabled our Qld People’s Bill last year, our blueprint for mining reform, with objection rights at the heart of it.  And people from right across the country stepped up in support.

Thousands of you endorsed the People’s Bill.  Then you joined us in the lead-up to the Qld election to make the Acland coal mine, and objection rights, one of the biggest election issues.

You supported our radio advertising exposing the wrongs of the Acland coal mine, and the abject failure of a political process which allowed $950,000 in political donations from the mine owner, New Hope Coal.

You joined us earlier this year in the rally outside the Qld Parliament. And many of you visited your local Members of Parliament, and spoke to them about objection rights and the Acland coal mine.

You sang with the Sadies, and you held stalls and events in all weathers, braving the elements to restore rights and achieve a fairer Qld. You wrote objections to the Acland Stage 3 coal expansion in your thousands; you facebooked, and tweeted and spread the word.

And earlier this week, some of you joined us to hand our community objection rights petition to the Speaker of the Qld Parliament, Peter Wellington, who then took it straight to the Premier.

That’s how great change happens; with you, taking action in all its forms, and standing together.

So today, we salute you for all the marvellous efforts you’ve made on this issue. We’re extraordinarily grateful.

And we’d love you to join us in giving credit where it’s due, by  writing a quick note of thanks to the Qld Government.

This isn’t the end of the campaign of course; there’s still a way to go.  The landholders around Acland face a long and arduous Land Court process.  There are other crucial pre-election promises that still need to be delivered, and objection rights to mining leases and small mines still need to be restored.

So rest assured, we’ll be seeking your support again soon.  But for today, let’s smile and rejoice that people power is still alive and well when we all stand together…..

Big thanks,

Phil Laird

National Coordinator

PS  The Bill passed today with the support of the Katter Australia Party and the Independent, Billy Gordon, along with the ALP, but it was opposed by the LNP.  A vote was not required by the Speaker.

PPS If you want to keep supporting a fair go for communities in Qld and around the country please consider a small monthly gift by becoming a Gate Keeper today.
Lock the Gate Alliance

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