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I love a sun-blessed country


Kate, Solar Citizens

9:52 AM (5 minutes ago)

to me
Dear Neville —

When I was ten we had to learn Dorathea Mackeller’s My Country by heart at school. The poem’s most famous line, ‘I love a sunburnt country’, always feels so quintessentially Australian to me. We are a sun-blessed country. We have this incredible resource that we can tap into to create the industries and jobs of the future.

Kate Read

Me and my son Harvey.                 

But I’ve been reading in the papers that Australia is one of the only countries in the world that is going backwards on solar policy. Federal Government uncertainty around the Renewable Energy Target means that solar businesses are going under or struggling to keep staff on. This just seems absurd when the rest of the world is adding more renewable energy per year than coal, natural gas and oil combined. That’s the story I want my country to be part of.

Governments should have innovative policies that switch us towards the energy sources of the future. But they’re only going to do this if we as citizens make it super clear that we’ll stand for nothing less. That’s why I’m 100% standing up for solar to make sure it happens. In the coming months my hope is that hundreds of thousands more solar owners and supporters across the country hear the call and join me.

With more than 70,000 Solar Citizens Australia-wide, we can make it happen. This month we’re kicking things off with launch events in 5 cities, but we need your support to make them big, bright and high impact. Can you chip in $50, or whatever you can afford, so our Stand Up For Solar launch events go off with a bang? Click here to donate.

The launch events are set to sweep the country beginning this Monday in Brisbane and finishing in Adelaide in late May. Inspiring expert speakers on solar and renewables, like Nigel Morris and Giles Parkinson, will be presenting in each city. This is our chance to reach out to thousands more solar supporters and show our politicians and the media we mean business.

To make these events as big, vibrant and high impact as possible we need your support. Your donation will help print and mail flyers and posters across the country so volunteers like me can spread the word in our neighbourhoods. Donations will also help cover travel and accommodation for our expert speakers who are generously giving their time because they believe in the power of ordinary people like us to make change. Click here to to make your donation via our secure website today.

I’m proud that we’re now one of over 1.3 million Australian households that have put solar on their rooftops. Seeing the meter ticking over and knowing that we’re contributing to a better energy future for my four year old son Harvey and my nephews and nieces makes me enormously happy.

But at the moment, it’s hard to feel proud of our government’s solar policies. I’m making it my mission to change this, and I hope you’ll join me. Click here to chip in today and help Solar Citizens make a huge impact across the country this coming month.

For a sun-blessed future,

Kate Read, Solar Citizens Volunteer, Sydney

P.S. If you live in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide and you haven’t RSVP’d for a launch event yet, click here to do it today – it’s going to be a great night. No event in your city or town? You won’t miss out. RSVP to the online launch Webinar here: http://www.standupforsolar.org.au/launch_webinar

Solar Citizens

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