Since November 2005, The Generator has interviewed some of the most important figures in the sustainability movement as well as mainstream figures, such as Dick Smith, who have made significant contributions to the area. Here below, is a smattering of those interviews. The SNIPs are generally 30 second snippets lifted from the interview, ususally because of some news value at the time. 

compilation of these interview snips is also available.

Captain Paul Watson In 1975, Watson served as First officer under Captain John Cormack on the voyage to confront the Soviet Whaling fleet. In June 1975, Robert Hunter and Paul Watson were the first people to put their lives on the line to protect whales when Paul placed his inflatable Zodiac between a Russian harpoon vessel and a pod of defenseless Sperm whales. During this confrontation with the Russian whaler, a harpooned and dying sperm whale loomed over Paul’s small boat. Paul recognized a flicker of understanding in the dying whale’s eye. He felt that the whale knew what they were trying to do. He watched as the magnificent leviathan heaved its body away from his boat, slipped beneath the waves and died. A few seconds of looking into this dying whale’s eye changed his life forever. He vowed to become a lifelong defender of the whales and all creatures of the seas. Paul Watson speaksSnippet

The Interview

Soundpiece about him

Visit Sea Shepherd

Watson in the news

Richard Heinberg speaksSnippet

The Interview

Books and Videos

Heinberg in the news

Richard Heinberg is the author of eight books including The Party’s Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies (New Society, 2003, 2005), Powerdown: Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon World (New Society, 2004), The Oil Depletion Protocol (New Society, 2006), and Peak Everything (New Society, 2007). He is a Senior Fellow of Post Carbon Institute and is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost Peak Oil educators. Richard Heinberg
Di Morrissey Australia’s best-selling female author, Di Morrissey has teamed up with George Negus to save the Kimberley. Hear her talking to Giovanni Ebono on The Generator about the campaign and the reasons for it. Some of her novels are set in the Kimberley and her journeys there have been the inspiration that has driven her to get behind this campaign. Di Morrissey speaksSnippet

The Interview

Di’s website

Dick Smith speaksSnippet

Interview part 1

Interview part 2

Dick Smith Foods

Dick Smith is a famous Australian businessman with a passion for the Australian bush and aircraft. In 1968 he started a electronics business that was later called “Dick Smith Electronics.” He sold this in 1982 to publish the quarterly magazine, “Australia Geographic”. As well as a number of world breaking solo flights, Dick Smith started a food company to buy and sell Australian Made Food. He spoke to Giovanni Ebono about the sustainability of that venture. Dick Smith
 Steve Posselt Steve changed  the thinking of many – and changed me with his brand of inspiration!. From the perspective of a businessman and engineer he could see that human activity was causing change to this world and our climate – that could destroy us. Steve has never been one to mince his words, accept that things can’t be better or that attitudes can’t be altered. Steves recent story is his journey from Brisbane to  Adelaide with a wheeled kayak. Every day for four months Steve was fully engaged in getting up and pulling or paddling this kayak from Brisbane to Adelaide and spreading his story. If he was in pain he just said ” pain is something I can get through.”You can ask why he had to do this, you can marvel, or question his sanity Steve Posselt onlineInterview part 1

Interview part 2

Steve’s website

Valerie TaylortalksSnippet

The interview

Valerie on the web 

 One of the most awarded marine conservationists in the world, Valerie Taylor and her husband Ron have saved many species of fish and set aside many areas of the Australian coastline as marine parks.With our current focus on sharks and the negative attention they get on Australia’s East Coast, this cut of the interview focuses on Valerie’s work with sharks.Stay tuned for the full interview at sometime in the future.  Valeri


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