It’s unbelievable

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It’s unbelievable


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3:15 PM (2 hours ago)

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Did you hear about the latest multinational company exposed for not paying their fair share of tax in Australia?

Today we found out that McDonald’s Australia MORE THAN HALVED its tax bill last year by routing payments via Singapore.

It’s unbelievable. Fairfax Media today reported that McDonald’s has been reducing their Australian profits by paying McDonald’s Asia Pacific a “service fee” of hundreds of millions of dollars, allowing them to get their $194.7 million income tax bill halved to around $78 million.1

This is exactly the kind of behaviour that Labor’s ‘Their Fair Share’ policy would stamp out — and we need to make sure people know it is happening on their doorstep.

Will you share this image so people know why Labor’s policy to make multinationals pay their fair share of tax is so critical?


Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals handed back $1 billion to multinationals in their last budget. It’s about time they step up with Labor and admit it’s time to do something about multinational tax avoidance in our country. Because if you are paying your fair share of tax, why shouldn’t big multinationals?

Please share this image today and make it clear: when it comes to tax, everyone should pay their fair share.

Thanks for your support,

Sam Dastyari
Senator for New South Wales

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