Kelvin Thomson MP Speech: ‘The Witches Hat Theory of Government’

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Kelvin Thomson MP Speech: ‘The Witches Hat Theory of Government’

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Cianflone, Anthony (K. Thomson, MP) <>

1:30 PM (35 minutes ago)

Dear Population Reform Supporter, Please find below and via the links, Kelvin’s speech from last night in Parliament on the ‘Witches Hat Theory of Government’, regarding the impact and influence of rapid population growth on the electoral cycle, political parties, and leaders in Australia, and overseas. –          You Tube Version of the Speech: –          Hansard Version on Kelvin’s Website: Please feel free to share this speech amongst your networks and to also share it on any social media page you may have (particularly the YouTube video). Regards Anthony CianfloneOffice of The Hon Kelvin Thomson MPFederal Labor Member for Wills  Attachments areaPreview YouTube video Kelvin Thomson MP: ‘Witches Hats Theory of Government’, Appropriation Bills 25/2/15

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