Keneally government bungles household solar scheme

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Keneally government bungles household solar scheme
Media release: 14 April 2010
Households with solar power are losing hundreds of dollars and being
forced to wait months because of flaws in the Keneally government’s
solar feed-in scheme, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.
Dr Kaye said: “The Keneally Government’s solar bonus scheme has been
held up with delays over the installation of the appropriate power
“This has cost households with an average sized solar set-up $400 in
lost credits already.
“By the time the so-called transition period for the scheme has elapsed
on June 30, this figure could be as much as $800. Households with larger
schemes will lose even more.
“Without these new meters, the amount of power households are
generating cannot be measured.
“While Country Energy is very apologetic about the delays, the
responsibility lies with NSW Energy Minister John Robertson.
“The Minister should extend the Solar Bonus Scheme until every
household in NSW that needs a gross feed-in tariff meter has received
“The scheme’s failures are damaging the viability of the home solar
energy industry. Jobs are being lost and investment in renewable energy
is being diverted.
“Distribution of meters as they become available has descended into a
free for all.
“The distribution of meters should be an orderly affair.
“This is further evidence that the scheme was cobbled together as
environmental window dressing for a government pressing full steam ahead
with new coal-fired power generation.
“Households experiencing problems with the installation of feed in
tariff meters should contact my office on 02 9230 2668 or visit,” Dr Kaye said.
For more information: John Kaye 0407 195 455

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