Lie Spotting: Recognising the Verbal and Non-Verbal Signs of Deception

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Jeremy Kesby
Jeremy Kesby from Investicoach will deliver truth serum with breakfast

Who to trust? What to believe?

Most of us are no better than chance spotting deception; including most professional investigators!

In just a 10-minute conversation, two strangers will lie to each other 3 times.

83% of respondents to an anonymous survey admitted to lying in job interviews.

What if you could learn the clues of deception from the face, voice, body and words?

Trained lie spotters gain a lasting advantage in business, and dramatically improve their personal relationships, by decoding the body language, facial expressions, words and actions of every one they encounter.

How lie spotters win in life:

  • Sort truth from half-truths and outright lies
  • Recognise clues to genuine agreement. Hidden skepticism, confusion, and more with clients, supervisors, and colleagues
  • Read facial and body language to see when their presentations/sales pitches/negotiations/arguments are working – or backfiring
  • Win more in negotiations with clients and employers
  • Gain greater empathy, compassion, and intimacy with loved ones, clients and colleagues

Jeremy Kesby is a Deception Detection Specialist. He helps people hack the hidden dynamics of human behavior by learning how to see / hear the signals we show in our faces, bodies and words when we try to deceive.

He consults as a conference speaker, technical trainer, psychometric examiner and expert witness for professional law enforcement, HR, sales, health care, insurance, media and education.

Jeremy has been a professional behavioural investigator for over 10 years. He is accredited Consultant and Facilitator in psychometric testing (DISC Advanced), body language analysis, statement analysis and microexpressions (certified METT & SETT expert level).

Date: Thursday 17th July 2014
Time: 7:00am to 8:30am

Venue: Riverglenn
70 Kate Street
Indooropilly QLD 4068

Members $29.00
Non-members $39.00


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