Daily update: Utilies face new challenge in rush for home storage


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Daily update: Utilies face new challenge in rush for home storage


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Utilities face new challenge in rush for home storage; Solar households in VIC hit with higher fixed charges; Murdoch keeps papers, coalition in line; Churches pull fossil fuel investments; ARENA puts $18.5m to solar, wind, storage in Coober Pedy; Vic’s attack on efficiency damned by new modelling; Kooragang wind turbine could be saved to power surf clubs; How much will TAS pay for shorting the carbon price; Is solar ownership poised for a comeback?; $1bln geothermal project takes Costa Rica closer to 100% renewables; and Why the RET should be ramped, not cut.
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RenewEconomy Daily News
The Parkinson Report
Australian electricity utilities face a new challenge from a fast-growing interest from Australian households in home energy storage. One in five solar customers now inquiring about storage, and returns on investment are soaring as costs come down.
Victoria energy minister leaps to defence of Hazelwood power station owner hitting solar households with higher fixed charges.
Rupert Murdoch has defined his views on climate and clean energy. Happily, his media empire and the Australian government are holding the line.
World Council of Churches, representing 500m Christians, joins “divestment” movement to jettison fossil fuel investments.
ARENA commits $18.5m to solar, wind and storage project to outback town of Coober Pedy, seeking to replicate success of King Island renewable integration.
New report damns Victoria decision to close energy efficiency scheme, saying the government’s modelling excluded most benefits of the program.
Newcastle community energy group proposes to save NSW’s first wind turbine from coal port expansion and sell energy to surf clubs.
With the uncertainty in carbon pricing hydro operators have had every incentive to sell as much power as soon as possible.
With “no money down” and “zero maintenance” to attract homeowners, solar leasing has become favorite for residential solar. But direct ownership is coming back.
A geothermal project valued at nearly $1bn will take Costa Rica closer to its ambition to have 100% renewable electricity generation.
Data suggests that if the Abbott wants to cut long-term power costs and risk to consumers, it should consider ramping up rather than weakening the RET.
A solar-powered camel track through outback

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