A Life Marred by Bullies

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Her first bullying was being born female -Her brothers went to uni – a doctor – & ? – no Uni – just work for her as she was a  girl.
On parents death oldest brother got main property when parents died. Older brother bully ran family company – diverted funds to collection of cars etc in wife’s name – diddled her & younger brother.
Boss bully – Her husband  engineer worked for demanding boss – one job all day in roof – he was not allowed water break & to cool down – when he came home fainted & she took him to hospital – he was treated & sent home – still ill she put him to bed when she woke in the morning he was dead beside her – he had heat exhaustion as long distance runners get – the red corpuscles clot blood. Left with 4 kids to raise
Court bully – had a long expensive battle for compensation
Son motor bike to get to Tafe – accident in gravel – wearing no leathers  – nerve in his damaged shrank while in intensive care – left with arm useless – more court problems -he completed Tafe – celebrating it with mates – got off bus to walk 2k home with 2 blokes who kicked him to death
With great courage she then raised another wonderful  son & 2 very capable daughters – she always helped church functions for less fortunate – sadly she died of cancer fighting to the end.

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