Medicare privatised?

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Medicare privatised?


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4:50 PM (16 minutes ago)

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First the Liberals tried to destroy Medicare but were stopped by you and the 86,000 people like who signed our petition against their plan. Now they’re trying to sell it.

Reports today suggest that the Turnbull Liberals are secretly planning to privatise payments for Medicare, pharmaceutical and aged-care benefits.1 That means every Australians’ health record could be held by a private company.

But Medicare isn’t the Liberals’ to sell – it’s for the benefit of you, your family and for all Australians. Together we helped stop the GP Tax, but now we need to stand up again.

Can you share this graphic on Facebook and make it clear to the Liberals that Australians don’t want Medicare privatised?


The Liberals have been attacking our universal healthcare system ever since Whitlam introduced Medibank and Hawke brought it back after Malcolm Fraser as Medicare. It’s one of the proudest achievements of our party and our movement.

Our universal healthcare system is the envy of the world and that’s why it’s absolutely worth fighting for. Please share this graphic and stand with us against this disgraceful plan.

You and I believe it’s your Medicare card, not your credit card that should determine the healthcare you receive. That’s why we must stand up together to fight for it.

Thanks for standing with me on this,


PS It’s up to Labor people like you and I to defend Medicare. Please help get the message out that Medicare is worth saving. Share our graphic on Facebook.

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