What price a supermarket?


On Monday at Midday outside Mallams in Mullumbimby, Giovanni Ebono and local residents will chop their customer cards into tiny pieces and formally say goodbye to Mallams.

We are not doing this because we want to hurt a long-standing and local business. We are doing this because we want the whole community, together, to plan and build a rich and sustainable town that works for all of us.

We will gladly support Mallams again, as soon as they begin working with the community, instead of pursuing their own interests to the detriment of the rest of us.

Join us in letting development crazed land-owners know that you care about the town you live in. Bring your Mallams Frequent Shopper card and meet us at Midday on Monday at Mallams.


 Read the Courier Mail story about the Maleney experience

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