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kurilpa launchAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned that this article contains references to people who have passed on.

Local not-for-profit organisation Micah Projects officially launched their Reconciliation Action Plan last week at Kuril Dhagan Indigenous Knowledge Centre at the State Library of Queensland.

In 2011 Micah Projects started working on their Micah Projects Reconciliation Action Plan and their book Kurilpa: A learning resource, so the organisation can continue the ongoing journey towards reconciliation and equip their employees with tools to better help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people when they contact Micah Projects.

Micah Projects chairperson Michael Kelly introduced the Micah Projects Reconciliation Action Plan and Kurilpa: A learning resource at Kuril Dhagan Indigenous Knowledge Centre, saying it will let the organisation to better respond to their needs in a positive way.

“To be more mindful of how we connect with them,” Mr Kelly said.

Uncle Stan Smith of the Brisbane Council of Elders said in his speech that it is important that we all learn from each other, to have a better understanding of the cultural background of everyone that lives within Australia.

“Education is the key,” Uncle Stan said.

Kurilpa: A learning resource is a great book that covers the history of Indigenous Australian from the arrival of Captain Arthur Phillip up till now, with a focus on Kurilpa (West End) in Jaggara country. On the cover is the painting Coming Together by Luke Roma, Rocky Boy, Jagalungi man from Rockhampton region.

The painting represents all Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians coming together without malice or discrimination. The four circles in each corner represent the North, South, East and West of this amazing country. The middle circle represents the Elders directing the young ones both black and white to sit and talk together at the watering hole. The figures along the outside edge are the members of the Micah Projects RAP Committee reaching out and bringing the people in.

Mr Kelly said there is consideration to publish the book if the organisation notice there is an interest for it from the public.

Micah Projects: www.micahprojects.org.au

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