More than one-quarter of gross value of Aust agriculture products from irrigation


Variety of constraints limit trade: A variety of constraints
limited the extent of the trade – in general, trade was less
constrained within irrigation districts than between districts, and
trade in seasonal allocations was less constrained than trade in

Scarcity rents can be large, but variable: Differences could
exist between utility charges and the traded price of irrigation water,
representing scarcity rents accruing to some irrigators. These rents
could be large, but varied over time and between regions.

Reference: Productivity Commission staff working paper on
“Irrigation externalities: pricing and charges” by Gavan Dwyer, Robert
Douglas, Deb Peterson, Jo Chong and Kate Maddern. 14 March. Address:
Level 3, Nature Conservation House, Corner Emu Bank and Benjamin Way,
Belconnen. ACT. 2617. PO Box 80, Belconnen. ACT. 2616. Phone: (02) 6240
3200. Fax: (02) 6240 3399.

Erisk Net, 30/3/2006

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