Neville, thanks for standing with me. Sister Jane-COMMON GRACE

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Neville, thanks for standing with me


Sister Jane – Common Grace <>

1:25 PM (56 minutes ago)

to me
Dear Neville,

As you know, on Wednesday I had a lovely breakfast with a monk, farmer, fire fighter, doctor, student and chef, with representatives from Australia’s Indigenous and Muslim communities to deliver a petition signed by 73,347 Australians for a pollution free Australia.

Here’s a short clip of the day, and I encourage you to listen to the stories on the clip of how all kinds of communities in Australia are being harmed by pollution.


It was a wonderful demonstration of public support for a clean energy future. Thank you for adding your voice and helping to make this possible.

Whilst Prime Minister Tony Abbott did not join us, we spent the day speaking with key decision makers, reached 200,000 people through radio interviews and there was a beautiful story about our breakfast in the Age newspaper yesterday.

So thank you for all you do for God’s creation, and may we keep standing up for what is just, embodying the grace and love of our maker.

In Christ
Sister Jane Keogh

Common Grace

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