[New post] QLD 2015 – day one

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[New post] QLD 2015 – day one

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Ben Raue posted: “As predicted, Campbell Newman visited the Acting Governor y…
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QLD 2015 – day one

by Ben Raue

As predicted, Campbell Newman visited the Acting Governor yesterday and called the next Queensland state election for January 31.

Rolls close this Saturday, 10 January at 5pm, and nominations close on Tuesday, 13 January at 12pm. If you haven’t enrolled to vote, updated your details, or you’re not sure, you can check your enrolment here.

As I said yesterday, my complete guide to the Queensland state election is now available online. Antony Green has also now posted his guide at ABC Elections.

Starting from this morning, I will be regularly posting electorate profiles on the front page, starting with Southern Downs and concluding with some key marginals on January 30.

Feel free to use this post as an open thread for discussing the election – I will post open threads every couple of days, and you can continue to discuss particular electorates on the relevant pages.

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