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New Year’s Resolution #1


Charlie Wood – Australia <>

4:03 PM (27 minutes ago)

to me

Dear friends,

The New Year is upon us – a fresh start, a blank slate, so much hope and promise….

Right now, many of us are writing or re-writing our New Year’s resolutions – maybe they include: get fit, quit coffee, learn a language, spend more time with family and friends. But this year, in addition to all these laudable things, we’re asking you to make something special the top of your New Year’s Resolutions.

As we speak, there’s an addiction going on that’s far worse than any of our attachments to chocolate and coffee – it’s Australia’s toxic relationship with fossil fuels. Our beautiful country, is rapidly being pulled down by its unhealthy attachment to coal and gas — and this year we want you to make the resolution to help us break this attachment.

This Valentines Day is Global Divestment Day and we’re staging an intervention. Together we’ll divest our own money and call on institutions — banks, universities, churches, councils, superannuation funds and individuals — to do the same by breaking up with fossil fuels.

I’m in – sign me up!

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On February 13-14, we’ll hold events around Australia to up the ante on the divestment movement which is taking churches, universities, banks, super funds and local councils by storm. And we won’t be alone – as we kick the dirty fossil fuel habit, thousands of people across six continents will be doing so too!

There are three ways you can take a stand and Break Up With Fossil Fuels as part of Global Divestment Day:

1. Build the Buzz

Join a Global Divestment Day event near you

2. Divest yourself

3. Play it forward

Start your own divestment campaign

Join the chorus of voices calling for Australia and the world to end its toxic relationship with fossil fuels.

This year – help us tell the fossil fuel industry that this relationship is officially over! 

Here’s to a happy, healthy and fossil free 2015,

Charlie and the Australia team is building a global climate movement.You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and become a sustaining donor to keep this movement strong and growing.

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