News less limited: Labor Herald arrives

21 July, 2015 General news0

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News less limited: Labor Herald arrives


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12:52 PM (5 minutes ago)

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Inga —

It’s been a long time coming, but our news service is alive and kicking in time for National Conference this weekend.

The Labor Herald is bursting with all kinds of stories, views and opinions to shape debate, including:

Paul Keating on this age of impermanence

Wendy Harmer on keeping the faith in politics

Bill Shorten on his vision for jobs of the future

Check out out 10 things to know about the Labor Herald to understand how this new Labor digital news service will work.

The Lab is where you will find more of the views and discussions behind the news.  The Lab will grow as our community grows and contributes.

Our fundraising campaign has been a great success, with 613 people pledging support.

We are seeking 1000 supporters to keep the Labor Herald strong beyond Christmas. Can you let likeminded family and friends know about our launch and ask if they will help keep it going?

Head to to test the new website, add your voice in the comments and help make sure Labor has a strong platform to influence the national conversation.

George Wright
ALP National Secretary

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