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~~ Trigger warning: discussion of self-harm and sexual assault ~~


We’re in the papers again today,1,2 this time shining a light on the abuse inflicted on people imprisoned in Transfield’s camps.

Digging around in reports about what’s going on in Manus and Nauru, we’ve found some truly horrifying statistics that had escaped public attention.

In the Nauru detention camp there has been a “major or critical” incident of:

  • self-harm every four days
  • assault every five days
  • sexual assault every four months

And this is according to Transfield’s own records.

Under Transfield’s watch, violence and abuse are rampant – the human misery needs to end.

Right now, there’s a five year contract on the table, and Transfield must decide whether to continue managing the detention camps on Manus and Nauru.

Tell Transfield not to sign onto five more years of profiting from abuse:
Click here to send an email.
Click here to comment on their Facebook post.
Click here to tweet.

No company operates in a vacuum, and Transfield knows it. They’re supported by a network of stakeholders and investors that are underpinned by us – the Australian public. And this is where we come in: as the tide turns against Transfield, we need to show them just how many of us aren’t willing to stand by and watch as they make millions from human suffering. Together, we can prove to them that if they continue to profit from abuse, their entire business model will be at risk.

The numbers we found only scratch the surface of the story. Behind them are men, women and children who face unprecedented horrors with no end in sight – a purgatory that on its own constitutes abuse. And while they suffer, Transfield rakes in millions.

Transfield knows that they’re vulnerable in this moment, with almost-daily scrutiny in the media ahead of their decision on whether or not to renew their contract – and just weeks ahead of their AGM. If we flood their inboxes with emails making it clear the Australian public will not stand idly by and let them keep up their heartless profiteering, they’ll need to listen.

Email Transfield here:
Click here to comment on their Facebook post.
Click here to tweet Transfield.

Thank you for being part of this campaign. We’re already having an impact – now let’s make sure Transfield feels it.

Shen, for the GetUp team

[1] ‘People in detention on Nauru try harm themselves every four days: Transfield response to Senate’, Sydney Morning Herald, 24 September 2015
[2] ‘Transfield under fire over assaults, violence at Nauru’, The Australian, 25 September 2015

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