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13 November, 2014 General news0
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Kelsey – GetUp!

11:27 AM (2 hours ago)

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Yesterday, the Labor Party walked away from weeks of negotiations with the Government over the future of Australia’s renewable energy industry.1 In the face of enormous pressure, Labor stood by its commitment to the Renewable Energy Target (RET) and rejected the Government’s plans to slash the target. This is good news – but it’s not over yet.

The uncertainty created by the Government’s attack on the RET is already having a devastating impact on business. A report released this week showed investment in the renewable energy industry has dropped this year by a staggering 70 per cent.2 And the longer the Coalition Government leaves the future of renewables in the balance, the more the industry suffers.

With damning reports like this and strong public support for increased investment in renewable energy, there’s a real chance the Coalition could walk away from its attempts to reduce the RET – but we’ll need backbenchers support to do it.

And here’s the thing: your electorate is unique. It is one of few seats around the country held by Coalition backbenchers. If your local MP and other backbenchers stand up to Tony Abbott, he’ll get the clear message that critical electorates don’t want the renewables to be tampered with. Let’s deliver hundreds of messages to our local MPs in a way that proves real people, and real constituents, want them to protect the RET.

It’s not as easy as just clicking a button to take action, but real change often requires real life actions like this – and the rest of the country is counting on you. Click here to pledge to hand-deliver your message to your MP’s local electoral office and make sure your they knows just what’s at stake:

In the 13 years since the RET was introduced, it’s pumped $20 billion worth of investment into our economy, allowed for the creation of more than 24,000 jobs, and increased competition within the electricity market.3 And from what we’re hearing, many Coalition backbenchers are already unsettled about the thought of cutting the RET.

Member for Corangamite, Sarah Henderson, has made it clear that she is a “strong supporter of renewable energy”4. Even the Government’s own Environment Minister professed his support for the RET earlier this year, saying:

“We’re committed to keeping the RET because of the pre-election commitment and because it’s been an effective way of reducing emissions.”5

But in order to stand up to their colleagues and fight to protect the RET, MPs need to know they have the support of their constituents.

So here’s the plan. Over the last couple of months, GetUp members have emailed decision-makers, put ads on the air in Canberra, and switched our power to renewable energy companies. We know the pressure is working – so far, no other party has been willing to make a dirty deal with the Coalition and push the RET cuts through Parliament. Critical crossbenchers, including the Palmer United Party and Ricky Muir, have repeatedly stressed their support for the RET.

Now, let’s give Coalition backbenchers a reason to take the fight to the party room – and prove just how many constituents care enough to deliver handwritten letters urging them to protect the RET.

Will you help make it happen? Click here to print a message to your MP and deliver it to them before Parliament resumes next Monday:

Without the support of Labor and the Greens, the Government’s position on the RET is looking more and more vulnerable. Right now – today – is our best chance of convincing the Coalition that messing with the RET would be bad for business.

For our renewable energy future,

All the people from the GetUp team

PS – There’s no need to worry if you haven’t visited your local MP’s electoral office before. The more of us who step up to try something new, the more effective this will be. We have everything you need to make it an easy and effective visit. Click here to be a part of it:

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