NSW Gov fails with BASIX in residential buildings


The Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand (ICANZ) welcomed the NSW government’s decision to proceed with BASIX but said not going ahead with its full commitment to introduce 40 pc for all residential buildings was disappointing.

Dennis D’Arcy, ICANZ President said that while the decision takes a number of steps in the right direction, we believe the government has missed an important opportunity. "Unfortunately, apartments will still be built to a poorer standard of energy efficiency and will continue to deliver poor thermal performance and energy waste for the life of the building, around seventy years. "We also believe the NSW government is misguided to generalise and bundle cogeneration with the thermal performance of buildings.

(Note: Cogeneration system is a system that simultaneously produces power (electrical or mechanical) and cogeneration heat (for example to heat water) from the same fuel in a single thermodynamic process.)

For the full story, go to the article on ICANZ 

Erisk Net, 20/6/2006

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