Nuclear wastes more water than coal


While some might view nuclear power in favour of greenhouse-friendly energy production while ignoring the dangers, costs and problematic waste issues, nobody can deny its wasteful water consumption, according to Peter Feist in The Australian Financial Review (20/10/2006, p.79).

Nuclear power uses 25pc more water than coal: Nuclear power uses 25 per cent more water than that of conventional coal plants, according to scientific figures.

Nukes, drought don’t mix: The PM would be hard-pressed to install a drought relief task force if Australia went down the nuclear path.

Renewables the only way to go: Renewables are the only energy sources that emit zero greenhouse gases and close to zero water for their electricity production. In order to tackle global climate changes, renewable energy is the only possible solution.

Tax incentives needed: To attract this global boom, industries in Australia need incentives in the form of increased renewable energy target taxes on carbon emission and sanctions at the polls for misleading ideas coming from antiquated politicians.

The Australian Financial Review, 20/10/2006, p.79

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