Oil Age Poster to US Politicians


SF Informatics and Global Public Media
urge members of U.S. Congress to join Rep. Roscoe Bartlett’s
broad-based effort to address the impending shortfall of global energy

The two groups applaud Rep. Bartlett’s plan, announced yesterday, to
distribute a new energy-information poster to members of the U.S. House
and Senate. Entitled The Oil Age, the poster was created by SF
Informatics and marketed through a partnership with Global Public
Media, a non-profit subsidiary of MetaFoundation.

The poster presents data from industry experts that indicate an
all-time peak in global oil production may be just a few years away.
With oil and gas prices surging to historic highs, this data-rich chart
offers a comprehensive framework for understanding the global energy

“The time has come for our elected leaders to confront the global
energy shortfall head on,” said Dave Menninger, co-creator of the
poster. “I am concerned that until recently only one member of
Congress–Rep. Bartlett–was publicly discussing global oil depletion
and working to address its impacts.”

Julian Darley, director of Global Public Media, said that Bartlett’s
longstanding efforts to raise awareness of peak oil “begs the question
of other lawmakers: ‘What actions are you taking now to address and
mitigate the imminent global oil peak?’”

Copies of The Oil Age poster can be viewed or purchased at www.oilposter.org.
Sales help fund the no-cost distribution of the poster to high schools,
universities and non-profit institutions worldwide. Proceeds will also
support the development of teaching guides and other educational tools
to be used in conjunction with the poster.

For more information about the Rep. Bartlett’s distribution to members of Congress, contact Lisa Wright at 202.225.2417.

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