One million Aussies demand global warming action


“The science and the economics are clear – there is no excuse for Australian political parties not to set 2020 targets to substantially cut Australia’s greenhouse pollution. These early reduction targets are the absolute minimum we need to achieve to protect Australia from dangerous climate change," Mr Henry said.

"The Howard government says it won’t take action on climate change if it hurts the economy. The reality is global warming is already damaging the economy, and Sir Nicholas Stern has told us that the price of doing nothing will be much higher than the cost of taking action," said Greenpeace Australia-Pacific CEO, Steve Shallhorn.

“Australia can reduce greenhouse emissions by 30% by 2020 by implementing solutions that are already available including support for an ambitious energy efficiency program, setting a decent renewable energy generation target and curtailing logging and landclearing”, said Climate Action Network Australia Coordinator, Julieanne Richards. “As well as reducing our domestic greenhouse pollution, Australia needs to show international leadership by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol and working to stabilise global greenhouse emissions.”

“We are also calling on major parties to reject dangerous and costly nuclear power in Australia. Nuclear reactors are too slow, too dirty, too dangerous and too costly to play a role in Australia’s energy future and to constitute any kind of credible response to climate change," said The Wilderness Society Acting National Director, Virginia Young.

“Climate change is an unprecedented threat and the need to secure commitments from politicians to act immediately makes this election crucial. A healthy environment is vital for the ongoing economic and social well-being of our communities," said ACT Conservation Council Director, Trish Harrup.

Collectively the groups represent more than a million people across Australia.

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