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Our chance to “torpedo” pension cuts


Georgina – GetUp!

10:37 AM (4 minutes ago)

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We’ve discovered a powerful new ally in the fight against pension cuts: the Liberal Party backbench.

The very same group that mutinied over the GP copayment has this week taken aim at Mr Abbott’s planned changes to the pension, calling it “the next public battle” in the Coalition party room.

On Monday, key backbencher Andrew Laming named pensions as a priority issue for the backbench, warning the PM of “a couple of large missiles.. and torpedoes aimed at this policy”.1 Other backbenchers have since joined the chorus.

With the battle lines drawn, Coalition MPs will be deciding whether to make the case on behalf of pensioners in their electorates. Let’s stir up the the backbench by arming them with thousands of compelling stories from their voters to take back to the party room.

Click here to share your story with your Coalition MP and ask them to “torpedo” pension cuts once and for all.

Figures released over the weekend by Australian National University show that Mr Abbott’s planned cuts would drive the age pension down from 28% of average weekly earnings to a shocking 16% by 2055. Australia hasn’t seen the pension below 20% of average earnings since 1965.2

These cuts will hit full, single age pensioners the hardest, the majority of whom are women with no superannuation – individuals already living below the poverty line. Once again, this Government is placing the Budget burden on those least able to afford it.

It’s evident the backbench is readying itself for a big push against pension cuts, with one backbencher telling reporters yesterday, “I will certainly be putting the case of my many pensioners to the party room and to the prime minister”. 3 With Mr Abbott already stepping on eggshells and eager to please, now’s the moment to add fuel to backbench’s fire.

Will you write to your Coalition MP, to give them the powerful constituent stories they need to make a compelling case in the party room?


Coalition MPs have had a turbulent few months, but an informed, compassionate voice from GetUp members could help unite the party room against pension cuts at this critical moment. A dissatisfied backbench, bolstered by unhappy constituents, saw Mr Abbott drop his toxic Medicare copayment last month. So, with key members of the backbench already on side, will you encourage your MP to join the bandwagon?

Thanks for speaking out,
Georgina, Mark, Nat, Evan and Lily, for the GetUp team

PS – Mr Abbott’s proposed cuts will cost retirees $23 billion over the next decade.4 The question we need to ask ourselves is: would we rather live in a country where pensioners live below the poverty line or where everyone has savings for their retirement? There are smarter, fairer ways to reform the budget that recognise the valuable contribution of older Australians and doesn’t risk the creation of an underclass of retirees. Click here to tell your MP how these cuts will affect you or someone you know.

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