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Paradise Valley (will be mined?)


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Nestled between Wollemi and Goulburn River National Parks is the Bylong Valley. It has been home to farming and thoroughbred breeding for over a century. Locals describe it as ‘paradise valley’, and it’s not hard to see why.

Don’t just take our word for it. We journeyed to the Bylong Valley recently where we met Jodie behind the counter at the Bylong General Store:
Watch Jodie's Bylong Valley story

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There is currently no coal mining in the Bylong Valley: it is untouched, pristine, paradise. But a Korean-owned company called KEPCO is seeking approval to dig what would be Bylong’s first coal mine, comprising two open-cut coal pits and an underground mine.

The company is yet to be granted approval to mine but has already bought out dozens of properties, including champion horse studs, the local school has been shut down, and KEPCO is even talking about digging up graves because the cemetery is where they want to put a coal mine pit.

Locals are worried what the future holds if the mine is given the greenlight.

Can you help get the word out about what’s happening in the Bylong Valley? Watch and share Jodie’s story.

Let’s let Bylong be Bylong,

Holly and the Land Water Future team

PS: Fancy visiting the Bylong Valley? The scenery you pass on the winding road into the valley is so magnificent it has seen the Bylong Valley Way listed as one of Australia’s top 10 drives. Join us for Via Bylong, a celebration of the Bylong Valley Way, on Saturday 24 October and Sunday 25 October, details and RSVP here.

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