Peak oil already wreaking economic disaster

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Rollo: Peak oil already wreaking economic disaster
The Bloomington Alternative
Peak oil production is at a crisis point but also is an opportunity to better the planet, Bloomington City Councilman David Rollo said in a talk, “Evidence and Consequences of Peak Oil,” sponsored by Green Drinks at the Upland Brewery banquet hall on
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We’re Not Going to Run Out of Oil Based Fertilizer
I had thought that worries over the supplies of oil based fertilizers (or fertilisers) were confined to the kookier ends of the Peak Oil conspirators along with the weirder part of the environmental movement. Sadly, I find that it has invaded the
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Society must prepare for the end of plentiful oil
Billings Gazette
I just saw Mark Mathis’ film, “spOILed: The Movie,” about the coming reality of peak oil. Mathis illustrates that Americans are “spoiled” by the benefits of our oil economy: sanitation, transportation, plentiful food from global sources, computers,
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