Portland USA prepares for Post Peak era


That’s the beginning of a concept called “peak oil” and hundreds of
people in Portland, USA, believe it’s coming soon, if it’s not here already.

The days of cheap
transportation, cheap food, and our relatively easy way of life here in
the 21st century will soon end.

As oil sources dry up, the cost of food will rise
dramatically because many fertilizers and pesticides are made from oil,
and the cost of transporting food from farms to factories to retail
outlets will increase. For example, food on an American families table
at dinnertime has travelled an averge of 1,500 miles to get to them.

That’s why initiates such as learning how to grow your own fruits
and veggies or subscribing to co-op farms are on the agenda in
Portland. City commissioner Dan Saltzman passed out a resolution to
determine what areas could be used to grow crops. The city is
interested in creating a network of self
suffiency inside the city.

There are countless estimates on when peak oil might happen. A
report by the French government says 2013, another report from the US.
Geological Survey says 2037.

Even Chevron says oil production has already declined in nearly two thirds of the largest oil producing countries.


Source: http://www.globalpublicmedia.com/articles/563 

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